Make the most of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite with the corporate intranet, Powell 365. By setting up an intranet employees stay connected to all business information and get to use the most up-to-date communication tools to manage daily tasks.


Powell 365 is a corporate intranet that offers a new way of managing business operations. The intranet template is comprised of shortcuts that save employees time and increase their productivity. A user can see their last projects, chat with coworkers across offices, find their last documents and check colleagues document trends. They can even have a look at the company video stream!
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Powell 365 is an Office 365 intranet that presents all major corporate communication tools right on the intranet dashboard. The latest company news is highlighted in a designed slider. Each employee can see company events through the public calendar. Department news can be instantly published to the entire company. The Human Resources Department can easily welcome new employees and share new job offers. The corporate Intranet plugs into the company culture making all employees feel right at home and up-to-date with day-to-day operations.
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Projects become easier with Powell 365. The Office 365 intranet combines all the information a team needs for a project. They can directly connect to the project planning, the project group chat and project links. They can also manage, update and share project documents. With a responsive intranet you can be connected on any device, anywhere and at any time. This allows workers to access favorite documents, push relevant project information on to coworkers and stay up to date on projects even if they are not at the office.
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