Our collaborative intranet, Powell 365, is built on top of SharePoint with the best standard solutions available on the market. It respects all of Microsoft’s guidance and practice specifications. The Installation of Powell 365 does not affect existing or future SharePoint deployments and can be removed without altering the underlying content or/and out of the box functions of SharePoint and sites structure.


The Sharepoint intranet, Powell 365 provides multi-device access, which allows a complete experience, wherever you are. Powell 365 allows personal company branding to ensure adoption by their employees and gives them the best possible experience.


The Office 365 intranet, Powell 365 uses a deployment infrastructure on Azure, which guarantees :

  • Content delivery network for increased performances.
  • No need to check every Office 365’s updates, we do it for you and we maintain the platform up-to-date.
  • Office 365 and Powell 365 offer a whole new experience. Try it, you will get it.
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