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Accelerate the creation of your digital workplace with the ultimate SharePoint design, management and provisioning engine. Deploy a compelling Office 365 intranet in record time.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!




Customize a compelling digital workplace based on Office 365 and SharePoint without any coding.




Deploy and update your SharePoint sites in a couple of clicks.




Manage the evolution of your evergreen intranet portal and keep it in line with employee needs. 

Simplify your intranet project

Design and configure your company intranet exactly as you imagined without writing a single line of code. Select and deploy templates, web parts and themes in minutes. Provide a feature rich and well-designed digital workplace on SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premises or on a hybrid architecture. Then, change anything you need, at any time. 
Take control of your intranet project today with Powell Manager. 

Rich features fully integrated with Office 365

All Powell Manager components (whether these are templates, webparts or themesare excellently made and completely customizable. Choose from our library of components or build your own. Powell Manager includes 30+ web parts available in the SharePoint modern experience and Publishing sites as well as 40+ site templates covering common collaborative & communication intranet designs. 

Simplify content management

Govern and simplify content creation and management with the Powell 365 Gear. Directly from the portal interface, create new sites, pages, lists and documents easily based on templates predefined in Powell Manager! Preview and edit content, trigger workflows for validation and track history by leveraging the best SharePoint features. 

Manage Content

Enhance your digital workplace over time

Evergreen Intranet

Your digital workplace needs to evolve based on your business requirements. You can update your intranet solution, again in a few clicks. And you can add new templates, new themes, new web parts in the same streamlined way.  

Become the star of your end-users by delivering precisely what they need in a fast and reliable way!  

Stay secure

Ensure corporate information and documentation is secure. With Powell 365 all client data resides within the client’s Office 365 tenant. Get a single sign on with Office 365 authentication options and auto logout. Leverage Office 365 and SharePoint information security policies and management.

Secure Intranet Solution

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